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Forest Animal Plushy (Pochacco) 三丽鸥 森林小动物公仔 (帕恰狗)


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Forest Animal Keychain Plushy

The fluffy characters are super cute! Mittens with paw pads and fluffy tails feels so satisfying!

Size:Approximately width 24 x depth 19 x height 21 cm

Material: polyester

*Made in China
三丽鸥 森林小动物公仔
毛茸茸的卡通人物超级可爱! 带爪垫的手套和毛茸茸的尾巴,超级自愈的!

尺寸:约宽24 x 深 19 x 高 21 厘米

材质: 涤纶


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