[Pre-Order] ROBBi Love In The Universe 400%[预售] ROBBi兔 情人節限定心電感應 400%


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ROBBi Love In The Universe 400%

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Product comes with built-in rechargeable batteries.

Introducing ROBBi Love In The Universe, a captivating art toy that transcends boundaries to celebrate the universal language of love. Adorned in a delightful palette of pink and silver, this limited edition collectible is a whimsical embodiment of affection in every detail. ROBBi, our endearing robot companion, dons a heart-shaped antenna and metallic charm, radiating love that extends beyond the stars, literally. Hit the button on ROBBI’s jetpack and watch his heart illuminate the universe.

With meticulous craftsmanship and a touch of cosmic charm, ROBBi Love In The Universe stands as a testament to the boundless power of love that unites us all. Embrace the enchantment of this special Valentine's Day edition, where technology meets tenderness, creating a timeless token that resonates across the vast expanse of the universe.

This collectible comes in two sizes: 400% (27cm) and 1000% (70cm). 

*Made in China

ROBBi兔 情人節限定心電感應 400%



介绍 ROBBi 情人節限定心電感應,这是一款迷人的艺术玩具,它超越了界限,颂扬了爱的通用语言。这款限量版收藏品采用令人愉悦的粉色和银色色调装饰,每个细节都是爱的奇妙体现。可爱的机器人伙伴 ROBBi 戴着心形天线和金属饰物,散发出超越星空的爱,真的。按下 ROBBI 喷气背包上的按钮,看着他的心脏照亮宇宙。

ROBBi 情人節限定心電感應凭借精湛的工艺和一丝宇宙魅力,证明了将我们所有人团结在一起的无限爱的力量。拥抱这个特别的情人节版的魅力,科技与温柔相遇,创造出一个永恒的象征,在广阔的宇宙中产生共鸣。

这款收藏品有两种尺寸:400%(27 厘米)和 1000%(70 厘米)。



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