BCL Saborino CICA Care Morning Mask 28 Sheets 日本BCL 积雪草镇定舒缓早安面膜 28片


BCL Saborino CICA Care Morning Mask

Just put it on your freshly woken face for 60 seconds, and you can complete everything from face washing to skin care with just one simple mask. It tightens pores while preventing rough skin, and moisturizing base for makeup. Sedative care with CICA & Houttuynia cordata extract to prevent rough skin. While vitamin B makes the skin healthy, fresh acerola and rose hips moisturize and lead to clear skin. The scent of mint citrus.

Minty citrus scent
How to use

1. Open the lid and pull up by holding the edge of the mask.
2. Spread the mask on your face, stretch it to the left and right to fit it, and leave it for 60 seconds.
* For those who are concerned about dryness, it is more effective to leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes.
3. Remove the mask and complete. Folding and putting is also recommended.
4. After it's done, you can apply makeup as it is.


日本BCL 积雪草镇定舒缓早安面膜

只需将它敷在刚睡醒的脸上60秒,从洗脸到皮肤,只需一片即可完成。在防止皮肤粗糙的同时,干净地收紧,改善妆容。使用 CICA 和鱼腥草提取物进行镇静护理,防止皮肤粗糙。B族维生素的作用使皮肤健康,新鲜的针叶樱桃和玫瑰果滋润并导致皮肤透明。


1. 打开盖子,抓住面膜边缘向上拉
* 对于那些担心干燥的人,将其放置约 5 至 10 分钟更有效。
4. 敷完后,就可以马上上妆了。



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