Amino Mason

Amino Mason The 2nd Recipe Almond & Cacao & Apricot Hair Oil (Ex-Moist) 日本Amino Mason 氨基酸免洗护发精油 (深层滋润型) 3.38oz


Amino Mason The 2nd Recipe Almond & Cacao & Apricot Hair Oil (Ex-Moist) 

Introducing 2nd Recipe, a renewal of the Amino Mason series! The patented 'Super Amino Acid Formula' is improved with enhanced cuticle adhering and repairing ingredients. Blends plenty of nutrient rich milk cream ingredients with plant derived oils and extract ingredients each equivalent to a beauty serum to deep hydrate and nourish hair from the inside.

Recommended for: Normal to thick/coarse hair types. Deep nourishes dry and damaged ends. Also great for achieving wet-hair styles.
This EX Hair Oil is super thick in texture. 

  • Prevents from dehydration while moisturizing, nourishing and adding shine to dull hair
  • Over 95% are hair care beautifying ingredients
  • Protects from heat tools and UV rays
  • 18 botanical oils like olive, cranberry seed, Argan oil and more
  • Quickly hydrates damaged, dry ends
  • Free from synthetic dyes, mineral oil, petroleum based surfactant, alcohol, paraben, sulfate and talc
  • **Little goes a long way. Adjust the amount you need by testing in small amounts. Apply more for a wet-hair look
  • Fragrance of White Rose Bouquet


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