CALYPSO Multi Use Concealer (Pink Beige) 日本CALYPSO 多功能魔法遮瑕膏 (粉色) 6g


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CALYPSO Multi Use Concealer (Pink Beige)

A multifunctional concealer that hides nasolabial folds, dark circles, pores, and spots. The light diffusion powder formulation causes light diffusion and makes nasolabial folds and stains inconspicuous. The uneven cover effect naturally hides the pores and wrinkles you care about. With moisturizing ingredients such as 3 types of hyaluronic acid and 3 types of collagen, you can care for your bare skin every time you apply it. Anyone can easily hide their skin problems with the easy-to-use tip type. SPF 28. 

Pink beige is a recommended color for people with light skin.
  • Soft focus effect that makes troubles less noticeable with
    light The combination of light diffusion powder causes light diffusion and makes nasolabial folds and wrinkles less noticeable with light.
  • Concavo-convex cover effect When
    applied to the skin with a spherical powder formulation, the powder breaks smoothly and enters pores and wrinkles, covering unevenness.
  • Moisturizing ingredient combination: You can take care of your bare skin every time you apply it.
    • 3 types of hyaluronic acid
    • 3 types of collagen
    • Royal jelly extract
    • Aloe vera leaf extract
  • New prescription for SPF 28! : Recommended for UV protection in daily life.
  • Long-lasting without twisting, stretch effect: With elastic spherical powder, it lasts for a long time without twisting.
  • Non-stickiness ingredient formulation: Smooth powder formulation suppresses stickiness.
  • Easy-to-use tip type: Designed to be easy to apply to areas you want to hide with pinpoint.
How to Use
Use different colors according to your worries!
・ For dark circles, stains, fine lines, and dullness on the eyes, apply it to the area you want to cover and tap it with your finger to blur it.
・ The nasolabial fold should be extended from the shaded area on the inside toward the outside by tapping it in 2 or 3 places.

You can create your own original color by combining colors!
  • Pink beige: Dullness, black bear, eyes, mouth
  • Salmon beige: stains, buckwheat, black bear
  • Yellow beige: acne scars, nose, brown bear 

日本CALYPSO 多功能魔法遮瑕膏 (粉色)

一种多功能遮瑕膏,可隐藏鼻唇沟、黑眼圈、毛孔和斑点。光扩散粉配方引起光扩散,使鼻唇沟和污渍不显眼。凹凸不平的遮盖效果,自然隐藏你在意的毛孔和皱纹。含有3种透明质酸和3种胶原蛋白等保湿成分,每次涂抹都可以呵护您的露肌肤。任何人都可以通过易于使用的尖端类型轻松隐藏他们的皮肤问题。 SPF 28。


  • 柔焦效果使问题不那么明显。光扩散粉的组合导致光扩散,使鼻唇沟和皱纹在光线下不那么明显。
  • 凹凸遮瑕效果 以球形粉体配方涂抹于肌肤时,粉体顺畅分解,进入毛孔和皱纹,遮盖凹凸不平。
  • 保湿成分组合:每次涂抹都可以呵护您的裸露肌肤。
    • 3种透明质酸
    • 3种胶原蛋白
    • 蜂王浆提取物
    • 芦荟叶提取物
  • SPF 28 的新处方! :推荐用于日常生活中的紫外线防护。
  • 持久不脱妆,拉伸效果:采用弹性球形粉末,持久不扭曲。
  • 非粘性成分配方:光滑的粉末配方抑制粘性。
  • 易于使用的尖端类型:旨在易于应用于您想要精确隐藏的区域。


・ 黑眼圈、色斑、细纹、暗沉等,涂抹于想要遮瑕的部位,用手指轻拍使其模糊。
・ 鼻唇沟应该从内侧的阴影区域向外延伸,在 2 或 3 处轻拍。




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