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Paul & Joe Fragrance Mist For Hair & Body #002 50ml 清新美发香体香水 限量版

A mist lotion for the hair and body, offered in a green floral fragrance that kindles fond memories of Christmas—moments spent in the company of your loved ones, and a warm room lit by an open fire, with a view through the window of a beautiful, snow-covered Paris.
The green note of cassis suggests glistening snow, while a rich floral note and warm musk express the welcoming atmosphere of a room lit by a fireplace. A spritz of this moisturizing lotion will envelop the skin and hair in a sparkling, fragrant veil of extra-fine vapor while simultaneously delivering hydrating benefits.
  • A fragrance mist for hair and body with a warm fragrance that awakens the gentle memory of Christmas.
  • Snow fluttering with the green feeling of cassis expresses a soft air feeling like a room with a fireplace lit by a thick floral and warm musk.
  • If you blow it, a fine mist with moisturizing ingredients wraps your skin and hair with a warm scent, giving it moisture.


Floral and woody botanicals combined with patchouli and musk suggest the coziness of an open fire, while the green notes of cassis and lime are reminiscent of winter indulgences and time spent with loved ones.


The Paul & Joe Fragrance Mist offers moisturizing benefits via jojoba oil, orange flower water, and more.


Spray onto the hair and body and pat in with hands to encourage absorption.

Note: The actual color may differ slightly from the image. Please check the actual color at your local store.The package may change depending on the arrival time.

ブランド ポール&ジョー PAUL&JOE
商品名 フレグランスミスト #002 50ml 限定
商品説明 シ限定発売
PAUL&JOE クリスマス2019

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