YNM Pure Skin Hand Cream (Moisture Milk) 韩国YNM 冰淇淋护手霜 (青柠罗勒柑橘) 100ml


 YNM Hand Cream "looks" super shimmering, it comes with a cute gifted cotton pad with the following advantages:

  • The product is extracted from milk and peach to help hands soft and elastic, against the aging process.
  • Provide essential nutrients, maintain moisture to the skin always smooth.
  • A light, non-greasy cream formula that works great even on dry skin.
  • Pleasant aroma, brings instant softness and relaxation.

    Moisture Milk Hand Cream: 

    Nutrient-rich milk protein extract is instantly absorbed into skin and leaves behind only the comfort of perfectly soft and smooth hands. It also strengthens skin's natural protective barrier and reduces moisture loss.  

    How to Use

    • After washing your hands, take adequate amounts of cream and apply along the skin texture so that it cold be absorbed onto the skin well. 


    • Please cooperate with a specialist, when the side effects are appeared like red spot, swell up, or itchy in use or alter the use. 
    • Please avoid the use on the wound or etc. 
    • Precautions for storage and handling.
    • Store in a place out of reach of children or a place from avoiding direct sunlight. 


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