YNM Rainbow Honey Lip Balm 韩国YNM 彩虹蜂蜜温感变色润唇膏 3g


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YNM Rainbow Honey lip Balm

It contains a variety of repair ingredients such as macadamia nut extract, beeswax, embroidery seed oil, etc., to moisturize and repair dry lip skin at all times!


- It is a color-changing lipstick with lip care effect. It contains a color-changing factor. It is transparent at first, and then changes color according to the temperature of each body. Everyone has their own color.

- Gently apply a layer, the lips will immediately become watery, and the color is very natural, just like the pink sheen on your own lips.

-The durability is also good, which keeps lips hydrated and shiny for a long time.

韩国YNM 彩虹蜂蜜温感变色润唇膏


含有蜂蜜成份,天然蜂蜡、绣花果籽油、澳洲坚果,滋养保湿能力超级好,温柔呵护脆弱的唇部,改善唇色暗沉,防止唇纹干裂、脱皮等现象,护唇效果超棒! 长期使用可淡化唇纹,打造柔嫩双唇,素颜的时候,简单涂抹口红,更显的完美气色。不油、不腻、不黏,不会觉得涂上了一层蜡的感觉。


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