Helena Rubinstein 赫莲娜

Helena Rubinstein Pure Ritual Care-in-Foam 赫莲娜 纯净沁润洁面泡沫 125ml


Helena Rubinstein Pure Ritual Care-in-Foam 


Care-in Foam washes deeply the face, removes all impurities and moisturizes the skin.
This fantastic cleansing foam removes impurities and cleans the skin deeply. It's a comfortable cleaning mousse that cleans deep down into the skin and leaves it pure and fresh. It contains Pure Ritual complex, which delivers a dual cleaning effect and sweeps away impurities and redundant skin cells. It contains a blend of white and black rice extracts and glycolic acid, which expertly exfoliates to reveal supple, dewy skin with a healthy shimmer.

Suitable for all skin types.

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