Helena Rubinstein 赫莲娜

Helena Rubinstein Re-Plasty Age Recovery Night Cream 赫莲娜 黑绷带 活颜修复晚霜 50ml


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Helena Rubinstein Re-Plasty Age Recovery Night Cream

Repairs and heals the face, and is effective in anti-aging.

High concentration of 30% boseine, endows excellent healing and repairing power,

Accelerates skin regeneration, firming and plumping, and fades lines.

Repair damaged skin and increase skin elasticity.

The bandage formula is made of black technology, which improves the penetration and creates a light skin feel.

Air bandage texture, light and dense, comfortable and not heavy, bringing a pleasant skin care experience.


Black Bandage's unique nighttime soothing system - CICA Compliant formula is composed of two highly active soothing ingredients.

Fights the signs of aging and micro-trauma scars of the epidermis.

Promotes the epidermal rebuilding process, reduces water loss and reshapes the skin's healthy barrier.

Soothing Repair:

Soothes and repairs the skin, contains a high concentration of Boseine ingredients,

It can promote the repair of damaged skin tissue and enhance the skin's barrier protection function.

Adding glycyrrhizic acid has a good anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effect,

Therefore, sensitive skin or skin after micro-plastic surgery and medical art,

Helena Black Bandage Cream can also be used to soothe and repair.

Moisturizing and hydrating:

It is rich in hyaluronic acid to meet the basic supplementary needs of the skin,

Helps to hydrate the skin and solve the problem of dry skin and lack of water.

Firm and plump:

Promote the growth of skin collagen, solve the problem of skin relaxation, restore skin elasticity,

Makes facial contours look fuller and firmer.


After cleansing, after applying lotion, eye essence, and beauty serum, apply an appropriate amount of night cream evenly to the face.

Unique triple warming technique

1 Gently penetrate, take a pearl-sized cream, massage it in the palm of your hand,

Accelerates penetration and gently spreads over the face.

2 Gently and soothing, gently press from finger pads to palms, from chin to cheekbones, repeat twice.

3 Intensive repair, from the forehead to the cheek, from the cheek to the neck, press the palm of the palm in a circular motion, repeat twice.


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