[Pre-Order] HACCI X HK Domestic Flower Bouquet Honey [提前预定] 花绮HACCIx凯蒂猫 日本国产花束蜂蜜 95g


HACCI X HK Domestic Flower Bouquet Honey 


Honey is naturally blended by bees in their hives with nectar collected from more than 100 types of flowers that bloomed that year. It has a rich floral scent and a taste that lets you feel the four seasons.

[French Toast]
Mix honey, eggs, and milk and soak in French bread. Saute it in butter and it's done when it's golden brown. Finish with plenty of honey.

*Made in Japan

花绮HACCIx凯蒂猫 日本国产花束蜂蜜


蜂蜜是蜜蜂在蜂巢中与当年盛开的 100 多种花朵采集的花蜜自然混合而成的。 它具有浓郁的花香和让您感受四个季节的味道。

将蜂蜜、鸡蛋和牛奶混合,浸泡在法式面包中。 用黄油炒至金黄色时就完成了。 最后加入大量蜂蜜。



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