[Pre-Order] HACCI X HK Hand Cream Mademoiselle [提前预定] 花绮HACCIx凯蒂猫 Mademoiselle护手霜 25g


HACCI X HK Hand Cream Mademoiselle


Honey, beeswax, royal jelly extract, and the blessings of bees will leave you enchanted and beautiful on your hands.

<Product features>

  • 1. Bouquet Blanc scent
    HACCI's very popular scent is soft and lovely, with images of white flowers such as lilies, marguerites, and lily of the valley. Protects your skin from ultraviolet rays exposed in daily life.
  • 2. Spreads well with a small amount and blends in easily
    Contains bee-derived ingredients such as honey, beeswax, and royal jelly extract*. Moist but not sticky and has a fresh feel. Always take care of your hands to keep them beautiful.
  • 3. Nail Care
    Squalane, which affects the appearance of moisture, and keratin, which is the main ingredient for nails and strengthens them, will keep your nails clean. Beautiful hands from any angle, 360 degrees.

    How to Use

    Take an appropriate amount and apply it to your skin.

    *Made in Japan

    花绮HACCIx凯蒂猫 Mademoiselle护手霜




    1. 花束白色香味
    HACCI广受欢迎的香味柔和可爱,带有百合、延命菊、铃兰等白色花朵的图案。 保护您的皮肤免受日常生活中暴露的紫外线的伤害。

    2. 少量涂抹即可均匀涂抹
    含有蜂蜜、蜂蜡、蜂王浆提取物等蜜蜂成分*。 滋润但不粘腻,有清爽的感觉。 时刻呵护您的双手,让它们保持美丽。

    3. 指甲保养
    角蛋白会影响水分的外观,而角蛋白是指甲的主要成分,可以增强指甲的强度,可以保持指甲清洁。 360度任何角度都美丽的手。




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