HACCI X HK Honey Bubble Set 花绮HACCIx凯蒂猫 蜂蜜泡泡套装


HACCI X HK Honey Bubble Set

"Honey Facial Cleansing Soap 80g"contains 10% or more of high-quality honey and has firm, fine-textured micro-foam that leaves your skin moist and clear after washing.

"Candy Coloring Foaming Net" is designed to maximize the lathering of honey facial soap. ”, a special collaboration tray colored to match party specifications is included in the set.

Set Includes

① <HK x HACCI> Honey facial cleansing soap
A luxurious soap containing over 10% of 80g honey*.
The thick, heavy micro-foam that lathers up quickly and gently wraps around your skin, carefully removing dirt and leaving your skin smooth and silky.
Limited edition HK engraving

② <HK x HACCI> Candy coloring foaming net
HACCI's best partner for honey facial soap, the foaming net made by HACCI.
Special specifications designed to maximize the lathering of honey facial soap.
The original ring is a limited edition design featuring HK.

③<HK x HACCI> Soap Dish

 In addition to soap, it can also be used as jewelry or a key tray.

*Made in Japan


花绮HACCIx凯蒂猫 蜂蜜泡泡套装

「蜂蜜洁面皂 80g」含有 10% 以上的优质蜂蜜,具有紧实细腻的微细泡沫,洗后肌肤水润清透。「糖果着色泡沫网」旨在最大限度地发挥套装中还包括一个特殊的合作托盘,其颜色与派对规格相匹配。


① <凯蒂猫 x HACCI> 蜂蜜洁面皂

② <凯蒂猫 x HACCI> 糖果着色起泡网

③<凯蒂猫 x HACCI>肥皂盒



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