[Pre-Order] HACCI X HK Honey Collagen (Rose) 9 Pcs Set [提前预定] 花绮HACCIx凯蒂猫 蜂蜜胶原蛋白口服液 (玫瑰) 9瓶套


HACCI X HK Honey Collagen (Rose)


Inner care is important care for circulating beauty energy.
Honey Collagen is a beauty energy drink that supports beauty and health using royal jelly and collagen.

<Product Features>

1. High-quality royal jelly and honey from HACCI own bee garden 
A luxurious blend of royal jelly and honey, which have been prized since ancient times as the elixir of longevity and rejuvenation. Carefully select only high-quality bees collected from bee garden.

2. Highly Absorbable Fish Collagen 5000mg
Contains 5000mg of high-quality collagen collected from the epidermis of high-quality natural saltwater fish from the Arctic Ocean with the cooperation of a "collagen doctor" who has been researching collagen for 30 years. Using advanced refining technology, it has no odor and has a high absorption rate.

3.Blend of beauty ingredients in the best balance. Supports your ability to become beautiful Contains
Hakkoda mountain bear bamboo extract, cat's claw extract (AC-11) from the Amazon rainforest, olive fruit polyphenols, yeast extract, biotin, ceramide, hyaluronic acid, milk oligosaccharides Contains the best balance of beauty ingredients such as , dietary fiber, etc. that provide total care for beauty and health.

    How to Use

    Please consume one bottle per day.
    Chill in the refrigerator and shake well before opening.
    We also recommend diluting it with carbonated soda or orange juice.

    *Made in Japan

    花绮HACCIx凯蒂猫 蜂蜜胶原蛋白口服液 (玫瑰)




    蜂王浆和蜂蜜的奢华混合物,自古以来就被视为长寿和恢复活力的灵丹妙药。 精心挑选从蜂园采集的优质蜜蜂。

    2. 高吸收鱼胶原蛋白 5000mg
    含有5000毫克优质胶原蛋白,是在研究胶原蛋白30年的“胶原蛋白医生”的合作下,从北冰洋优质天然咸水鱼的表皮采集的。 采用先进精制技术,无异味,吸收率高。

    3.美容成分的最佳平衡混合。 支持您变得美丽的能力包含
    八甲田山熊竹提取物、来自亚马逊雨林的猫爪提取物(AC-11)、橄榄果多酚、酵母提取物、生物素、神经酰胺、透明质酸、牛奶低聚糖、膳食纤维等美容成分的最佳平衡。 为美丽与健康提供全面呵护。





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