16 BRAND My Magazine Multi Palette (Vol.04 Sunset Crush Mood) 8g 韩国16 BRAND 迷你杂志彩妆盘 (Vol.04 樱桃汽水) 8g


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16 BRAND My Magazine Multi Palette (Vol.04  Sunset Crush Mood)

A 6 color multi shadow palette with natural color blending for easy gradient makeup. Includes 4 shadows/brow, and 2 blusher/shading shades.

How To Use

Take an appropriate amount of eye shadow and blusher, apply it gently on the eye and cheek area. 

韩国16 BRAND 迷你杂志彩妆盘 (Vol.04 樱桃汽水)

  • 一手可拿,迷你方便携带!
  • 一盘完妆,气氛百搭,随心完妆!
  • 多功能彩妆书,高显色高服贴粉质
  • 眼影、眼线、眉粉、腮红、打亮一盘多用!

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