&Be Glow Highlighter 日本&Be 河北裕介高光膏 4g


 &Be Glow Highlighter

  • A balm-like highlighter that enhances the texture of the skin and gives a sense of transparency and three-dimensionality! For glossy skin that seems to be inhaled.
    • Removes rough skin with light application and leads to a soft and firm texture.
  • Gives a three-dimensional effect to the face, it can also be for a face slimming effect look that helps with unevenness and depth.
  • Ultra-fine pearl pigments
    • Plant-derived extracts that give skin firmness and plant-derived oil components that supplement the barrier function of the skin, Contains plenty of skin conditioning ingredients to prevent rough skin . Moisturizes skin that is prone to dry damage and prevents moisture evaporation, leading to healthy and well-textured skin.

日本&Be 河北裕介高光膏



皂类洁颜产品与温水即可轻松洗净,通过 PATCH TEST 贴片测试、无致粉刺性测试。


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