YNM Water Tok Tok Highlighter (01 Rose Gold) 韩国YNM 水色修容打亮液 (01 玫瑰金) 4.3g


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YNM Water Tok Tok Highlighter

Highlighter is a decorative cosmetics product designed to lighten and highlight individual parts of the face in order to correct its relief, hide wrinkles and give it a more sculptural clear shape and a fresh look. Fills the skin with a delicate radiance, gives freshness to the skin, visually evens the texture.It has good moisturizing properties, does not create a mask effect.Has a soft, smooth texture, easy to apply and completely weightless on the skin.

Apply the product to the areas of the face required to highlight.

* The product can be mixed with BB cream in a 1: 2 ratio.

韩国YNM 水色修容打亮液




* 该产品可以与 BB 霜以 1:2 的比例混合。


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