AloBaby Baby Bottom Cream 安诺宝 婴儿舒缓修护屁屁霜 75g


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AloBaby Baby Bottom Cream

Organic Baby Bottom Cream relieves inflammation such as diaper rash.

It contains more than 99% naturally derived ingredients and its ingredients include Crame Maritima and Sambucus Nigra extracts that help to enhance the skin’s barrier function.

These ingredients also relieve inflammation caused by irritations such as diaper rash. ALOBABY Baby Bottom Cream is non-scented, so it is suitable to use around the bottom area. In addition, the luxury high blend of shea butter helps to spread on the skin easily, so it can be gently applied to delicate parts.  It also does not contain any silicone or paraben that is used in many creams. "Confortness on skin" is always our top priority and it contains more than 99% naturally derived ingredients.

Therefore, the application of this cream leaves no white residues or marks on the skin.


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