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HOUSE OF ROSE Green Apple Body Milk 玫瑰屋 青苹果身体乳 200ml


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HOUSE OF ROSE Green Apple Body Milk

refreshing "green apple scent" with the image of a whole green apple is now available!
Contains beauty ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) derived from the representative variety of green apples,'Orin'.
Juice overflows from the crispy and chewy dense fruits, and the clear sweetness is exciting.
Wrapped in such a fresh feeling, have a fun body care time!

A body milk that penetrates lightly (up to the stratum corneum) and moisturizes. Wrap it in a familiar smooth veil, leading to soft skin. Contains adsorptive trehalose  (moisturizing ingredient) and shea butter (emollient ingredient) to protect the skin from dryness in the fall and winter. A fresh scent reminiscent of the moment you bite a freshly picked green apple.

How to Use

Take an appropriate amount and apply it to your skin.

玫瑰屋 青苹果身体乳


轻轻渗透(直至角质层)并滋润的身体乳。 用熟悉的光滑面纱包裹它,使皮肤柔软。 含有吸附性海藻糖*(保湿成分)和乳木果油(润肤成分),在秋冬季节保护肌肤免受干燥。 清新的香味让人想起咬一口新鲜采摘的青苹果的那一刻。




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