KRACIE Aroma Resort Body Gel (Clear Lemon & Mint) 嘉娜宝 Aroma Resort 限定身体清爽保湿啫喱乳 (凉感柠檬薄荷) 180g


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KRACIE Aroma Resort Body Gel (Clear Lemon & Mint) 

A body gel that makes body care time that makes you want to skip in the heat with a refreshing scent and a cool feeling of gel.

Vegetable and fruit essences containing vitamins and gels containing beauty oils moisturize dry skin with ultraviolet rays and air conditioners, leading to smooth and transparent skin.

A body gel that softens the feelings and body with a scent, while leading to cool, moisturized and transparent skin.
You can enjoy a cooler feeling by cooling it in the refrigerator.

● "Vitamin in Veggie Fruit Essence" combination
 "Vitamin A-containing carrot juice" (convergent moisturizer),
 "Vitamin B-containing broccoli bud extract" (moisturizing protection),
 "Vitamin C / citric acid-containing lemon juice" (product antioxidant)
 "Grape juice fermented liquid" (soft skin moisturizer), "Vegetable glycerin" (moisturizer)

● "Smooth emollient oil" combination
 "Vitamin E-containing avocado oil" (antioxidant of product),
 "Vitamin E Contains Grape Seed Oil ”(Product Antioxidant)

●“ Clear Lemon & Mint ”Scent
The calm lemon and refreshing mint scent that is easy for adults to use refreshes the whole body.

嘉娜宝 Aroma Resort 限定身体清爽保湿啫喱乳 (凉感柠檬薄荷)



  • 维他命A的胡萝卜液”(收敛保湿)
  • 维生素B的西兰花芽提取物”(保湿保护)
  • 维他命C/柠檬酸的柠檬果汁”(产品的抗氧化剂/柔软角质)
  • 葡萄果汁发酵液”(肌肤柔软保湿)
  • “植物性甘油”(保湿)


  • 维生素E的鳄梨油”(产品的抗氧化剂)
  • 维生素E的葡萄籽油”(产品的抗氧化剂)




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