RMK Creamy Foundation EX (200) 润民康 水凝美肌粉霜 EX (200) 30g


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RMK Creamy Foundation EX (200)

SPF26 PA++

Perfection for ‘those in the know’.

Enjoy a perfect finish without additional highlights or shading.
Experience luminous glow and supple resilience.
A facial line that is sharp and sophisticated.
Transparency and coverage in one.
All at a stroke!

Luminous skin thanks to five beauty oils

The five skin-enhancing oils are: Argan, Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut, Almond and Rosehip . The rich oil formula in our foundation creates a luxuriant, smooth texture that is almost like a skincare product. The foundation covers pores and imperfections, making the skin transparent and glowing.

Fits closely to skin, making it resilient

A thin layer of Stretch Film, incorporating rice bran extracts in a special formulation, gives the skin extra resilience. The foundation is highly sympathetic to the skin, softening it and keeping it supple, allowing free movement to facial features and expressions, while also maintaining a long-lasting, ‘just applied’ look.

A sharp facial line thanks to our Shiny Color Powder

The color projected by Shiny Color Powder changes with the planes and angles of the face. It gives a soft glow on flat areas, such as cheeks, covering up dullness and imperfections in skin tone, while along the facial line it appears darker, giving a sharper contour. Our unique powder helps give natural facial features a dimensional look even without special techniques. 

A comforting ‘melt on the skin’ texture

The foundation spreads evenly and blends naturally. It will not feel heavy and drag when applied, and is so moist it is almost like a skincare product. Fits the skin perfectly with a finish that is lasting, comfortable and naturally translucent. 

润民康 水凝美肌粉霜 EX  

SPF26 PA++











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