Cle De Peau Beaute 肌肤之钥

Clé de peau BEAUTÉ Radiant Cushion Foundation Natural #00 Ocher / SPF 25/PA+++(Refill+Case)日本肌肤之钥钻光持妆气垫粉饼 00色号(粉芯+粉盒)


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Product Feature: 


A mesh-type cushion foundation inspired by the radiance of a diamond instantly creates naturally glow finish with a delicate yet sophisticated sheen and supple feel.
Once applied, improves the appearance of the skin, while imbuing it with long-lasting moisture.


  • A hybrid of makeup and skincare, exclusive Light-Empowering Enhancer amplifies your radiant finish.
  • Formulated with Skin-Empowering Illuminator, our exclusive skincare ingredient.
  • Incorporates DUO Capsule-in-Gel Formulation to adhere to the skin with an ultra-thin film that provides a long-lasting, natural-glow finish as it locks in moisture.
  • Formulated with Lasting Control Function to resist dullness, shine from excess sebum, and makeup-creasing, and retain a beautiful long-lasting finish.
  • Contains Chestnut Rosa Fruit Extract with anti-oxidation property*.
  • in vitro test


  • Perfectly adheres to skin with a ‘second-skin fit’ and a fresh, cool feel.
  • Applies easily to even the smallest, most intricate areas with a precision-fit makeup puff.
  • Evenly adheres to puff by passing through the mesh.
  • Formulated with a fragrance of natural rose oil that inspires feelings of elegance.

How to Use:

  • Apply following skincare or the application of pre-makeup base.
  • Lightly press the puff against the mesh two to three times to allow a sufficient amount of foundation to adhere. Before starting to use the product, repeatedly press the puff against the mesh until the puff has a sufficient amount of foundation on it.
  • Gently pat the puff onto the skin, beginning at the center of the cheek and moving to other areas until application is completed on one half of the face. Apply in the same manner to the other side of the face. With the upper curve of the puff, blend foundation over the eye area, along lower contours of the nose, and other areas requiring precise application.
  • For areas requiring greater coverage or the camouflage of uneven skin tone and imperfections, pick up a small amount of foundation with the puff and apply additional layers as needed using a gentle patting motion.






  • 肌肤之钥呈现全新妆感及匠心配方,首创双微囊配方同步护肤遮瑕
  • 全新独家智能感光科技,赋活光感技术,焕发肌肤极致无暇的自然光芒
  • 以长效持久配方,抵抗脱妆及油光,打造清新持久妆容
  • 蕴含迷迭香精华,实现全日补水及锁水


  • 完美贴合肌肤,缔造犹如第二层肌肤般的清新透薄,清新凉爽
  • 独特设计的粉扑,能轻松用于脸部任何角度及细微位置,令妆效更精致
  • 经过皮肤科专家测试,不会导致粉刺产生



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