Cle De Peau Beaute 肌肤之钥

Clé de Peau Beauté THE LUMINIZING FACE ENHANCER 105 Limited 肌肤之钥限量版高光粉(105)


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Product feature:

A highlighting powder that beautifully accentuates facial expressions, created by focusing on the brilliance of precious opals. Whether in motion or at rest, the elegant luster radiates from within, creating a radiant impression that attracts the eye from 360 degrees. Contains light empowering treatment powder (prevents rough skin). (Ba sulfate) Fragrance blended with natural rose oil.

How to use:
Take an appropriate amount of powder on the brush and spread the brilliance from the high cheeks along the cheekbones.


聚焦珍貴蛋白石的光彩,打造出精美突出面部表情的高光粉餅。 無論是運動還是靜止,優雅的光澤都由內而外散發,營造出 360 度全方位吸引眼球的光彩印象。 含有光賦能治療粉(防止皮膚粗糙)。 (Ba sulfate) 香料混合天然玫瑰油。



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