BRILIANCE KF94 Mask [1pc/1 box (50pcs)] 韩国BRILIANCE KF94成人口罩 [1枚/1盒 (50枚)]




Brilliance KF94 Mask has 4-Layer Protection with high quality ‘KF’ for Korea Filter & ’94’ for average 0.4um particulate matter filtered. The unique 3D ergonomic structure tri-folding design provides a closer, more secure fit around the nose and cheeks and under the chin. 

  • Elastic ear loop poses less press to ears and face
  • Each mask is packed individually for hygienic purposes.
  • Made with non-woven fabric
  • Choose from 1 mask or a box of 50 masks. 

How to use

Ensure proper fit to face by folding nose piece to your nose and also around your chin. Pull the ear elastics around each ear appropriately. Adjust by using both hands and palms around the nose and chin properly so it is touching your face.

*Do Not Reuse

Made in Korea



Brilliance KF94口罩具有4层防护功能,韩国滤芯使用高质量的“ KF”,有效阻挡94%达到0.4微米的微粒。独特的3D人体工学结构三折设计使鼻子,脸颊和下巴更紧密,更安全。

  • 弹性耳圈减少对耳朵和脸部的压力
  • 每个独立包装,让您使用的更安心更卫生
  • 用无纺布制成


将鼻梁折叠到鼻子以及下巴周围,以确保适合面部。 将耳朵松紧带适当地拉到每只耳朵上。 用双手和手掌围绕鼻子和下巴进行调整,以使其触摸到您的脸部。





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