Dr.MEDM Clean Mask with three-dimensional design with hand clean gel 1pc 韩国立体设计3层防护口罩(自带免洗洗手液) 1枚入


The Clean Mask with three-dimensional design is for smooth wear and provides excellent tightness for comfortable breathing. 

[How To Use]

  1. Unfold the mask.
  2. Cover the folded middle of the mask to the nose.
  3. Place both straps on the ear to secure their position.
  4. Adjust the nose bridge to perfectly fit the face.


  1. Do not cover the nose with a towel or tissue and wear the mask on the top of it.
  2. Do not use in closed areas with an oxygen content of less than 18%.
  3. Do not crush or deform the mask.
  4. Do not use the mask if it is contaminated inside.
  5. Do not wash the mask.
  6. In case the mask is uncomfortable to wear, such as pregnant women, respiratory patients, cardiovascular patients, children and the elderly, please stop using and consult a doctor or specialist if necessary.


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