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Dum Bo 2 WAY Tote Bag Illustrated by Noriyuki Echigawa 东京迪士尼 Noriyuki Echigawa 插画系列 小飞象托特包


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[Pre-Order] Dum Bo 2 WAY Tote Bag Illustrated by Noriyuki Echigawa

A soft expression of Dum bo. Introducing a tote bag with a shoulder strap.
Cute items with illustrations by Noriyuki Echigawa, who is active as a picture book author and manga artist. The warm atmosphere of the character matches the fluffy feel of the Sagara embroidery.
The inside of the bag is divided, making it easy to organize. Small items can be placed in pockets. When you have a lot of luggage or want to free up your hands, you can use the included strap to carry it over your shoulder. This is an excellent bag that combines good looks and ease of use.

Approx. Height 23 x Width 30 x Depth (bottom gusset) 14 (cm)
Shoulder part: Approx. 65-125 (cm) Adjustable
Handle (top length of handle from top of bag): Approx. 7 (cm)
Material: cotton
Weight: approx. 340(g)

[预售] 东京迪士尼 Noriyuki Echigawa 插画系列 小飞象托特包

小飞象的表情柔和。 推出一款带肩带的手提包。
绘有作为图画书作家和漫画家活跃的越川典之插画的可爱商品。 角色的温暖氛围与相良刺绣的蓬松感相得益彰。
包的内部是分开的,方便整理。 小物品可以放在口袋里。 当您有很多行李或想解放双手时,可以使用随附的肩带将其挎在肩上。 这是一款兼具美观和易用性的优秀包。

大约。 高 23 x 宽 30 x 深(底部角板)14(厘米)
肩部:约。 65-125(厘米)可调节
手柄(手柄顶部距离包顶部的长度):约。 7(厘米)
重量:约。 340(克)


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