[Pre-Order] ROBBi x #FR2 Smoking Rabbit 400% [预售] ROBBi兔 x #FR2东京涩兔 400%


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ROBBi x #FR2 Smoking Rabbit 400%

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"ROBBi x #FR2 Smoking Rabbit" is a collaboration between ROBBi and the creative unit #FR2 from Japan, showcasing a humorous design that embodies a rebellious street attitude. Exclusively produced and released by ROBBiART, this limited edition collectible series features size options of 1000% (70cm) and 400% (27cm) .

The product creates a whimsical pink party theme for the rabbit, with contrasting plush wrapping on the right arm and a striking "Smoking kills" declaration on the front of the helmet, tearing apart the old mask. The blossoming cherry blossom pink extending from the ears reveals the dual identity of the rabbits, while the translucent structure allows viewers to see through a semi-perspective angle, uncovering the truth of love and freedom.

Size: 27cm

*Made in China

ROBBi兔 #FR2东京涩兔 400%


“ROBBi x #FR2 Smoking Rabbit”是ROBBi与来自日本的创意单位#FR2合作的作品,以诙谐幽默的设计,体现叛逆的街头态度。此限量收藏系列由ROBBiART独家制作发行,提供1000%(70cm)和400%(27cm)两种尺寸选择。

产品为兔子打造了一个奇思妙想的粉色派对主题,右臂以撞色毛绒包裹,头盔正面印有醒目的“Smoking kills”宣言,撕开旧面具。从耳朵延伸而出的绽放樱花粉色,展现兔子的双重身份,而半透明的结构则让观者透过半透视的角度,揭开爱与自由的真相。




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