[Pre-Order] ROBBi x Staple 1000% [预售] ROBBi兔 x Staple艺术家联名灰鸽子 1000%


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ROBBi x Staple 1000%

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The ROBBi x STAPLE joint collaboration combines the iconic dove symbol created by renowned American street artist JEFF STAPLE with elements of Shanghai's Shikumen. When the free spirit of New York is infused with Shanghai's centuries-old culture, the diverse urban aesthetic is full of vigour.
This is also ROBBi's first two-light figure.

The internal light in the helmet and chest are powered by a removable battery via magnet, and is rechargeable by USB-C. 

Size: 70cm

*Made in China

ROBBi兔 x Staple艺术家联名灰鸽子 1000%


ROBBi x STAPLE 联名作品将美国知名街头艺术家 JEFF STAPLE 创作的标志性鸽子符号与上海石库门元素相结合。当纽约的自由精神与上海百年文化融合,多元的都市美学焕发出勃勃生机。
这也是 ROBBi 首款双灯人物造型。

头盔和胸部的内部灯光由可拆卸电池通过磁铁供电,可通过 USB-C 充电。




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