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东京迪士尼 Noriyuki Echigawa 插画系列 提摩太公仔钥匙扣

[Pre-Order] Timothy Plush Keychain Illustrated by Noriyuki Echigawa
A soft expression of Timothy. Introducing a stuffed toy keychain.
Illustrations by Noriyuki Echigawa, who is active as a picture book author and manga artist, have been made into very cute stuffed animals. The smiling Timothy is made of soft materials and gentle colors, and is full of adorableness.
A stuffed toy keychain that can always be with you, whether you're at home or on the go. Be sure to add it to your bag!

Size: Total length: approx. 23 (cm)
Character: approx. height 18 x width 16 x depth 7.5 (cm)
Chain: approx. length 14 (cm)
Material: Polyester
Weight: approx. 49(g)

[预售] 东京迪士尼 Noriyuki Echigawa 插画系列 提摩太公仔钥匙扣

提摩太表情柔和。 隆重推出毛绒玩具钥匙扣。
作为图画书作家和漫画家而活跃的越川典之的插图被制成了非常可爱的毛绒动物。 微笑的提摩太采用柔软的材质和温柔的色彩,可爱感十足。
无论您在家还是在路上,毛绒玩具钥匙扣都可以随身携带。 请务必将其添加到您的包中!

尺寸:总长度:约。 23(厘米)
特性:约。 高18×宽16×深7.5(厘米)

链条:约。 长度14(厘米)
重量:约。 49(克)


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