Paul & Joe - Sparking Eye Color CS #004 Yarn Coaster 7g 日本Paul & Joe秋季限定闪耀单色眼影 #004 冷深红色 7g


Product Feature:

Bring a touch of light to your look with our Yarn Coaster eye shadow. An eyeshadow in autumn colors that will dress your eyes and warm up your look.

A collection of vivid colors with a retro mood inspired by the treasures you found at the Parisian Market (flea market in Paris) that you visit on the weekends.

Special Oil gel-based eye color : The synergistic effect of oil and pearl creates a beautiful see-through eye with a wet luster and transparent coloring.

It spreads easily and can be layered freely. You can easily create shades with one fingertip. Sometimes soft, sometimes bold, enjoy different impressions of your eyes depending on your fashion and mood of the day.

*004 is a calm red that goes well with both cool and lady. (red, gold pearl)







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