CLEAN Fresh & Botanical Natural Refresh Mask Spray (Watery Grapefruit) 50ml 日本CLEAN 天然植物除臭消毒口罩喷雾 (西柚)


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CLEAN Fresh & Botanical Natural Refresh Mask Spray

Just need one spray and keeps your mask refresh and sanitized!

Mask spray with 99% natural ingredients.
Natural ingredients extracted from domestic plants and silver ions are used to eliminate odors and bacteria.
Keep your mask clean and your nose refreshed with a fresh scent!

  • Naturally derived ingredients 99% 
  • Bactericidal 99.9% 
  • Deodorant 90% 
  • 5 additive-free (animal raw material free, synthetic colorant free, polymer free, mineral oil free, genetically modified free)


日本CLEAN 天然植物除臭消毒口罩喷雾

只需在口罩上喷一口气即可!含植物中提取的99%天然成分和银离子,对气味进行除臭和消毒. 保持口罩清洁,并可清爽气味使您呼吸清新!

  • 天然成分99%
  • 杀菌剂99.9%
  • 除臭剂90%
  • 不含5种添加剂(不含动物原料,不含合成色素,不含聚合物,不含矿物油,不含基因重组)

* 并非所有病毒,真菌和气味都有效。


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