ITO Double-Moist Lotion Facial Tissue (120 Sheets x 3 Packs) 日本ITO 保湿柔滑纸巾 120抽 x 3包)


ITO Double-Moist Lotion Facial Tissue

  • Each piece is about 18cm*14.5cm
  • Original wood pulp, super soft three-layer thick material
  • Environmentally friendly and degradable, can be put directly into the trash can
  • Added Japanese cream moisturizing factor to care for delicate skin
  • Paper fiber is strong and tensile
  • Cool texture, born for the skin
  • Can be used by infants and young children

日本ITO 保湿柔滑纸巾

  • 每片约18cm*14.5cm
  • 原生木浆,超柔三层加厚材质
  • 环保可降解,可直接放入垃圾桶
  • 抽取式设计,单手可取
  • 添加日本乳霜保湿因子,呵护娇嫩肌肤
  • 纸面纤维强韧耐拉
  • 清凉质感,为肌肤而生
  • 婴幼儿都可以使用


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