D-UP Quick Extension Eyelashes 02 Rich 24pcs 日本D-UP 快速扩展单簇假眼睫毛 02 浓厚款 24片


D-UP Quick Extension Eyelashes 02 Rich 

02 RICH: Moderate volume, natural to fill

Easily add a little and easily create an eyelash extension-like finish. Natural curl eyelashes that point upwards and can be served casually. It's like your own eyelashes.

3 Sizes: 7mm/9mm/11mm

How to Use

Apply the false eyelash to the base of your natural lashes.

*Made in Japan 

日本D-UP 快速扩展单簇假眼睫毛 02 浓厚款


轻松添加一点,轻松打造睫毛延长的妆容。 自然卷翘的睫毛向上翘起,可随意涂抹。 就像你自己的睫毛一样。

3 种尺寸:7 毫米/9 毫米/11 毫米





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