Fancl 芳坷

Fancl 2021 Smooth Clear AC Acne Care 30 days 芳珂 祛痘去印营养素 30日分


Fancl 2021 Smooth Clear AC Acne Care 30 days

Smooth Clear AC adopts a highly effective formula exclusive to Fancl targets the physical imbalances in the body that cause adult spots and acne

  • target the root cause for soft and smooth skin free from cyclic adult acne 
  • focusing on women's cycle and balance disturbances and adult breakouts due to stress
  • provide acne-prone adult skins with all-round protection 
  • specially infused with plant based lactic acid bacteria to promote intestinal health and improve your skin's defensive function
  • zinc is also incorporated to facilitate skin metabolism to address acne marks 
  • contains ingredients that support beauty such as barley extract and soy isoflavones as well as 10 minerals essential for lactic acid bacteria and the human body
  • controlling sebum secretion and correct skin texture
  • balance skin sebum and reduce acne scars
  • provides a healthy physical condition without recurring adult acne 

How to Use

  • Take 2 tablets daily with lukewarm water after meals


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