Fancl 芳坷

FANCL And Mirai Protect UV EX 芳珂 AND MIRAI 抗蓝光修复无添加防晒乳霜 60g


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FANCL And Mirai Protect UV EX

A white sunscreen that gives you beautiful skin without burning.
Provides protection against not only UV but also dryness from blue light and external irritants, leaving you with unblemished, light skin.
Contains traditional whitening ingredients to give your skin a beautiful smooth texture.

  • Traditional ingredients brighten and smoothen the skin while also eliminating all UV damage coming in through the cracks in the skin.

  • This sunscreen applies evenly and doesn’t leave behind a white cast. As it is without alcohol, it is suitable for every day use.

  • Blocks all external stimuli such as dryness caused by blue light



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