Tescom BIC40 Ionic Curling Hair Dryer 39mm - World Voltage 日本TESCOM山茶花精油负离子护发电吹风梳

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Product Feature:

Using negative ions to care for your hair will make it glossy and shiny. Positive ions are counteracted by negative ions, which protects the cuticle from tearing or being injured. This ionic curling hair blow brush has microcapsules with camellia oil that can rapidly style even unruly hair. Water can be used to wash and clean this product. It can be used in accordance with the local voltage and the global voltage. You can quickly change the voltage. It has a converter plug that may be utilized in locations with C-shaped outlets. both native and international variety. Can also be utilized in the AC100V-200V and AC200V-240V voltage ranges.

How to Use:

After washing your hair, use this product to brush and blow it out.



日本TESCOM山茶花精油负离子,能够实现吹梳护理的高效三合一的产品。采用每平方2000万负离子技术,减少头发摩擦而产生的静电,并有效抚平干枯毛躁,刷头以独特多孔微胶囊为设计, 使其富含的山茶花精油能够伴随着热风吹出以达到进一步的滋养护发,有效避免打结等现象。可拆卸刷头使其更易清洗。




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