COSNORI x Crayon Shin-Chan Panthenol Barrier Vegan Cushion SPF 50+ PA++++ Special Set [Refill + Zzanggu Tok] (02 Beige) 韩国 COSNORI X 蜡笔小新水光气垫套装 (02 中米色) 12g+12g


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COSNORI x Crayon Shin-Chan Panthenol Barrier Vegan Cushion SPF 50+ PA++++ Special Set
COSNORI Panthenol Barrer Cushion that is a favorite item of actress Minyoung Ko.
No.1 best cushion in two categories of Hwahae Awards 2022.
Moisturizing panthenol cushion foundation.
Triple-functional cosmetics for skin brightening, anti-wrinkle, and UV blockage.
The sun protection factor is SPF50+ PA++++.
Vegan product officially certified by the Korea Agency of Vegan Certification and Services.
The glow-holding system provides perfect glow that lasts throughout the day.
Perfect fitting along skin texture for flawless coverage without smudging.
Apply as much as possible for your desired level of coverage.
We’re sure that this product highly praised by researchers will be a long-run cushion.
Designed with excellent adherence and coverage through long-term research and independent technology.
Multi-use cushion for excellent skin glow, adherence, and moisturizing.
Completed smudging test and it was resulted that the product quickly adheres on the skin to minimize smudging.
Completed fixation test and it was confirmed that the product provides a perfectly fixed makeup that does not easily smudge in any environment.
Consists of different skin tone shades for all skin tones.
Provided with a puff that has a droplet shape for detailed touch minimizes absorption of the content through fine and high-density porous texture on elastic rubycell fabric.
The light texture that thoroughly adheres along skin texture provides refreshing and deep hydration to complete glowing skin makeup.
Recommended for those who have crumbly and dry skin, who don’t use a matte cushion foundation due to cakey makeup, and who want to do delicately glowing skin makeup.

Featured ingredients
  • The ultra-hydrating complex including panthenol and Terminalia Ferdinandiana Fruit Complex fills in insufficient nutrition and moisture to keep long-lasting moisturizing skin texture.
  • Contains 11,250PPM of panthenol to attract and maintain moisture while helping with skin soothing, moisturizing, and skin barrier strengthening.
  • Contains Terminalia Ferdinandiana Fruit Extract that has most vitamin C among plants to provide vitality on skin.
  • Contains tocopherol, which is a type of vitamin E, to provide hydration and energy to skin.
  • The high-gloss oil complex and moisturizing ingredient results in brightly glowing skin.
How to use
Take adequate amount on the puff and gently tap on entire face.
01 Ivory: Slightly lighter ivory shade recommended for foundation no.19-21 users.
02 Beige: Medium beige shade recommended for foundation no.22-23 users.
Special edition product given with free refill and Shin Chan griptok.
韩国 COSNORI X 蜡笔小新水光气垫
2022 年华海奖两个类别最佳坐垫第一名。
防晒系数为SPF50+ PA++++。

  • 含有泛醇和榄仁果复合物的超保湿复合物,填补营养和水分不足,保持持久保湿肌肤纹理。
  • 含有 11,250PPM 泛醇,可吸引和保持水分,同时帮助舒缓肌肤、保湿和强化皮肤屏障。
  • 添加植物中维生素C含量最高的榄仁果提取物,赋予肌肤活力。
  • 含有生育酚(维生素 E 的一种),可为皮肤提供水分和能量。
  • 高光泽油复合物和保湿成分可令肌肤焕发光彩。
01 Ivory:略浅的象牙色,建议19-21号粉底的用户使用。
02 Beige:中米色,推荐 22-23 号粉底使用。

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