BENELIC DORAEMON "Copying Toast" Hot Sandwich Maker 日本BENELIC 哆啦A梦记忆吐司三明治机


BENELIC DORAEMON "Copying Toast" Hot Sandwich Maker

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of A Doraemon!

A hot sandwich maker with the design of the secret gadget "Copying Toast". You can enjoy hot sandwiches at home by baking them on a stove or other direct fire!

Body: W355mm x H34mm x D150mm
Outer box: W360mm x H50mm x D155mm
Material: Aluminum alloy (fluororesin coating film processing)
Country of origin : Japan
Handle: Stainless steel / phenol resin Usable

Heat source: Gas, halogen heater, sheathed heater, radiant heater
IH cooker cannot be used
Target age: 15 years old and over
The finished illustration of the package and the actual finish may differ slightly.

● When using for the first time, wash thoroughly with dish detergent.
● Dishwasher cannot be used. After use, wash with a soft sponge and a neutral detergent. When drying, drain the water, dry it, and store it. Do not use a cleanser or scrubbing brush.
● Never give to children under the target age.
● Check the safety of the handle for damage or rattling before using it.
● Please do not boil in the air.
● Do not give a strong impact or immerse it in water while it is still hot. It may cause deformation or damage of the product.
● When cooking, firmly attach the stopper metal fittings before use.
● The handle may get hot. Please note that there is a risk of burns.
● Do not touch the main body as it gets hot during and after cooking.
● Place it on the center of the stove and use it in a stable condition.
● Do not store the food in the main body for a long time. It may cause deterioration of fluororesin processing.
● If the product rattles or is damaged, discontinue use without modification or emergency treatment.

日本BENELIC 哆啦A梦记忆吐司三明治机



机体:W355mm x H34mm x D150mm

外箱:W360mm x H50mm x D155mm









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