[PRE-ORDER] STARBUCKS Korea 2021 Starry Voyage Series [提前预定] 韩国星巴克2021年星空银河系列

STARBUCKS Korea 2021 Starry Voyage Series 韩国星巴克2021年星空银河系列



  1. Milky Way Glass Water Bottle 550ml
  2. SS Milky Way Troy Tumbler 473ml
  3. SS Sessel Milky Way Tumbler 355ml
  4. SS Twist Milky Way Cold Cup 473ml
  5. SS Miami Milky Way Cold Cup 473ml
  6. Twinkle Affogato Cup 200ml 
  7. SS JNL Milky Way Vacuum 750ml
  8. Milky Way Glass Pitcher 1000ml
  9. SS Milkyway Siren Cold Cup 591ml
  10. Twinkle White Cup Straw Set
  11. Milky Way Cold Cup 710ml
  12. SS Shine Pink Stanley Fint Cup 473ml
  13. SS jungle shine blue cold cup 473ml
  14. Milky Way Handle Glass 355ml
  15. Milky Way Travel Pouch Set
  16. Milky Way Beach Towel
  17. SS FFW On the Beach Vacuum 1000ml
  18. SS Shine Blue Stanley Quencher Tumbler 473ml
  19. Pop Handle on the Beach Cold Cup 473ml
  20. Twinkle Coffee Glass 473ml
  21. Milky Way Muddler 
  22. SS FHL On the Beach Straw Vacuum Bottle 550ml
  23. Roller On the Beach Cold Cup 355ml
  24. Shine Blue Bling Studd Cold Cup 710ml 
  25. Twinkle Goblet Glass 355ml
  26. SS Opera On The Beach Cold Cup 473ml
  27. Elixir On The Beach Waterbottle 591ml
  28. SS Shine Blue Stanley Tonga Vacuum Cup 500ml
  29. On the Beach Tote Bag
  30. On the Beach Neck Cushion



Preorder - Available Ship After October 10th

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