BENELIC Ramen Fuji Doraemon Kitten Glass Set 日本BENELIC 富士拉面哆啦A梦招财猫玻璃杯套装


BENELIC Ramen Fuji Doraemon Glass Set

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of A Doraemon!

Design consept of the owner of Raman Fuji giving food and care for the Doraemon kitten. It comes in a okomochi-style individual box and this makes the perfect ideal as a gift.

Product size: Φ66 x H78mm (per glass) 

Material: Glass

  • Do not use a microwave oven, oven, or dishwasher.
  • It may crack due to sudden temperature changes.
    Do not pour boiling water, put cold things in while the glass is hot, or place it in a wet place.
  • After use, apply kitchen detergent to a soft sponge or cloth to wash.
  • Do not use a cleanser, a sponge containing abrasives, or a scrubbing brush.
    Also, do not hit the glasses against each other or put a spoon or fork in the glass.The glass will be scratched and easily broken.
  • When washing the inner surface of the main unit, be careful not to twist it with force from the inside, as it may cause damage and cause unexpected injuries.

    日本BENELIC 富士拉面哆啦A梦玻璃杯套装 


    使用故事设计理念: 富士拉面的老板照顾并喂了哆啦A梦的招财小猫。 杯子采用Okomochi风格的独立包装盒。适合送礼或个人收藏。

    产品尺寸:Φ66x H78mm(杯)


    • 请勿使用微波炉,烤箱或洗碗机。
    • 突然的温度变化可能会导致破裂。
    • 使用后,将厨房清洁剂涂在柔软的海绵或布上进行清洗。
    • 请勿使用清洁剂,含有研磨剂的海绵或刷子。另外,请勿使玻璃杯相互碰撞或在玻璃杯中放汤匙或叉子。玻璃将被刮擦并容易破碎。
    • 清洗主机的内表面时,请注意不要用内部的力将其扭曲,否则可能会造成损坏并造成意外伤害。

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