STARBUCKS 2021 Summer Happy Hedgehog COLLECTION Hedgehog And Sunflower Kettle 星巴克2021 夏季限定 刺猬仙人系列 刺猬花开水壶 14OZ


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STARBUCKS 2021 Summer Happy Hedgehog COLLECTION Hedgehog And Sunflower Kettle

Material:  Body-modified PCT (Tritan)/ Lid-polypropylene (PP), silicone gasket
Heat-resistant temperature: 85 degrees C

It is specially designed to hold cold drinks, please do not hold hot drinks to avoid burns. Please wash by hand. Microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and dishwashers are not suitable.

    星巴克2021 夏季限定 刺猬仙人系列 刺猬花开水壶

    材质:壶体-改质PCT(Tritan)、壶盖-聚丙烯(PP) 、矽胶垫圈



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