STARBUCKS KOREA 2021 Summer Collection Summer Mare Mug 355ml 韩国星巴克2021 夏季限定 海底人鱼贝壳陶瓷杯 355毫升


STARBUCKS KOREA 2021 Summer Collection Summer Mare Mug

A ceramic mug with a capacity of 355ml that is brightly expressed in the shape of a shellfish.

The unique shape makes it highly valuable, and the purple color scheme makes the elegant and bright atmosphere stand out.
Because it is made of ceramic, it may be damaged if it is subjected to a strong impact, so be careful in use and storage.
Please note that this product cannot be used in a microwave oven, and the thin handle may be damaged by a slight impact.

韩国星巴克2021 夏季限定 海底人鱼贝壳陶瓷杯



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