STARBUCKS KOREA 2021 Summer Collection Under the Sea Summer Sea Horse Glass 473ml 韩国星巴克2021 夏季限定 神奇海洋夏日海马玻璃杯 473毫升


STARBUCKS KOREA 2021 Summer Collection Under the Sea Summer Sea Horse Glass

A heat-resistant glass with a capacity of 473ml that expresses the mysterious seahorse in the sea.

The hippocampus is expressed in gold color, so luxury is the point, and the generous size and handle make it a good product to enjoy summer coffee time.
The summer hippocampus glass is made of heat-resistant glass, but please note that due to the characteristics of the glass material, it may be damaged by sudden temperature changes and weak impacts.
This product cannot be used in a microwave oven.

韩国星巴克2021 夏季限定 神奇海洋夏日海马玻璃杯




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