SANRIO Mascot Scrunchie (Badtz-Maru) 三丽鸥 卡通发带 (酷企鹅)


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SANRIO Mascot Scrunchie

The cute face looks glancing and smiles unintentionally. It's cute even just having it on your wrist.

  • Recommended for ponytails
  • Cute to wear on your arm

Size: Approximately 11 x 2.5 x 11cm

Main Materials: polyester

三丽鸥 卡通发带

可爱的卡通小脸,看了一眼会让你不自觉的笑。 即使只是戴在手腕上也很可爱。

  • 推荐用于马尾辫
  • 戴在胳膊上很可爱

尺寸:11 x 2.5 x 11 厘米

主要材料: 聚酯纤维


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