Haaraz Shampoo Hair Color & Ampoule (Classic Wine Brown) 韩国Haaraz 白发染发洗发水&护发安瓿 (经典酒棕色)


Haaraz Shampoo Hair Color & Ampoule

Shampoo-type ampoule dye is a new concept shampoo-type hair dye that dyes like a shampoo and helps to care for hair and scalp. It can be easily dyed by yourself without the help of others in just 5 minutes! 

It contains various natural extracts and seed oil extracts. When dyeing, it enhances the sharpness and coverage of gray hair!

It is subdivided into a patented pouch so you don't have to worry about wasteful hair dyes anymore! Depending on the length and thickness of the hair, and the amount of gray hair, dye it as much as you need, one by one .

Each Pack Includes:

  • Shampoo Hair Color & Ampoule (1) Hair Color Base
  • Shampoo Hair Color & Ampoule (2) Hair Color Developer
  • Hair Strength & Shine And Softness Black Truffle Hair Ampoule

韩国Haaraz 白发染发洗发水&护发安瓿

洗发型安瓿白发染发可有助于护理头发和头皮。 只需5分钟,您便可以轻松地自己染色,而无需他人帮助!

含各种天然提取物和种子油提取物。 染色时,可增强白发的清晰度和覆盖度!

每次使用分量已被分到袋子里,因此您不必再担心浪费的染发剂了! 根据头发的长度和粗细以及白发的数量,将头发根据需要进行染发,并一一染完。


  • 洗发水染发剂和安瓿(1)染发剂底
  • 洗发水染发剂和安瓿(2)染发剂
  • 头发强度光泽和柔软度黑松露护发素


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