Lala Chuu Hair Cushion Master (Light Brown) 韩国Lala Chuu 发垫大师丰发粉饼 (浅棕色) 9g


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Lala Chuu Hair Cushion Master

LalaChuu's Hair Cushion Master, keeps the scalp and hair nourishes while it volumizing hair, by covering bald parts & graying hair! A multi-functional cosmetic that covering bald parts, graying hairs, volumizing hair, tidying hair line, nourishing hair and scalp.

Create the look of fuller, thicker hair instantly in just 3 seconds!Application is made easy with two types of applicators - cushion and brush.

Fortifies and rejuvenates hair with each application. Water proof, sweat proof, and Oil proof. Easily washes out with shampoo. Provides long lasting coverage 100 hrs for hair and 50hrs for scalp. Completed clinical trial test - hypoallergenic, making it suitable for all skin types.

Frequency and Directions of Use:
1. Take an appropriate amount of cotton powder into the puff/brush.
2. Tap lightly on the desired area.

Tip: Can be applied to hairline, top of the head and hair loss parts

韩国Lala Chuu 发垫大师丰发粉饼

通过遮盖秃头和白发,在滋养头发的同时保持头皮和头发的丰盈! 涵盖秃头、白发、丰盈秀发、整理发际线、滋养秀发和头皮的多功能化妆品。

在短短 3 秒内立即打造更丰盈、更浓密的头发外观!使用两种类型的涂抹器 - 气垫和刷子,涂抹变得容易。

每次使用都能强化和恢复头发活力。 防水、防汗、防油。 用洗发水轻松洗掉。 为头发提供 100 小时的持久覆盖,为头皮提供 50 小时的持久覆盖。 完成临床试验测试 - 低过敏性,适合所有皮肤类型。

1. 取适量棉粉放入粉扑/刷子中。
2. 轻轻点击所需区域。



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