LOVISIA X Kirby Pink Lush Hand Cream (02 Pure Fruity) 日本LOVISIA X 星之卡比 保湿护手霜 (02 纯果香)


Lovisia 『星のカービィ』コスメシリーズ

LOVISIA X Pokemon Hand Cream

Cute Kirby designs hand cream. Contains hyaluronic acid and collagent to help strengthen your skin's elasticy. Cream texture is smooth and not sticky, which makes it perfect for all year long. 

Kirby hand cream featuring 3 types of scents that match 3 different designs.
The hand cream, which has been carefully selected from the base scent, is sure to give you a soft scent and relax when you put it on.

02 Pure fruity scent
The hand cream with fruits is an urban-style pure fruity scent.
Musk, amber and cedar are used for the base, and jasmine, rose and honeysuckle are used for the middle. TOP is finished with a pair and Apple.

日本LOVISIA X 星之卡比 保湿护手霜



02 纯果香


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