YOKKAICHI BANKOYAKI Starry Sky Hoshi Kyo-type No. 6 Pot (Cinnamoroll) 四日市万古烧 X 三丽鸥 棕星空古烧陶瓷6号锅 (玉桂狗) 650ml


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YOKKAICHI BANKOYAKI Hoshi Kyo-type No. 6 Pot

Cinnamoroll Floating in the Stars Heat Resistant Tableware, the black container looks like the night sky.
An interesting design for a container full of functionality. Brighten up your dining table.

Cinnamoroll Brown Starry Sky Ancient Ceramic No. 6 Pot
The Kyoto-style pot has a small base and heats up quickly. The size is easy to use, so you'll want to use it every day.

Advantages of Kyoto Hot Pot
1. The size of the pot suitable for one person
2. Heat up quickly, reduce cooking time
3. The curved shape is convenient for scooping up ingredients
4. Can be stacked for storage
5. Good thermal insulation
6. Can also be used as a noodle bowl or a saucepan

Size: φ19cm
Capacity: 650ml
Heat-resistant pottery/made in Japan ・Bankoyaki
Can be directly fired ・Microwave can be used ・Oven can be used

四日市万古烧 X 三丽鸥 棕星空古烧陶瓷6号锅



1. 适合一个人锅的尺寸
2. 升温快,减少烹饪时间
3. 弧形方便舀取食材
4. 可叠放存放
5. 保温性好
6. 也可使用作为面碗或炖锅

耐热陶器/日本制造 ・万古烧
直火可用 ・微波炉可用 ・烤箱可用


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