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The Ginza Deep Cleansing Oil 200ml 日本the ginza御银座柔澈洁颜卸妆油 200ml


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Product Feature:

With gorgeous fragrance and texture, this product comfortably enwraps the skin to remove makeup, sebum and dirt gently while keeping moisture.
The cleansing oil leaves the skin smooth and comfortable, delivering the ingredients that the skin requires.

Gently removes makeup and excess sebum, while helping maintain the skin's moistur. Your skin gets what it needs.

  • Instantly melts away and completely removes makeup, excess sebum and dirt. Strikes a delicate balance of gently lifting up impurities hidden in pores and preserving natural moisture and oils. 
  • The luxurious texture enwraps and cleanses the skin in a soothing manner without imparting sense of greasiness or heaviness. After rinsing off, skin feels smooth and comfortable.
  •  Skin feels more absorptive of following skincare products. 
  •  Use the product with either dry hands or wet hands. 
  •  The fresh and calming Linden Aroma transforms everyday skincare into blissful, relaxing ritual.

How to Use:

Pump twice into the palm of your hand and blend well with makeup and impurities using a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with cool or lukewarm water.



  • 瞬间溶解彩妆和裸肌的脏污,不摩擦拉扯肌肤。轻柔清除彩妆和毛孔深处的脏污、多余的皮脂、大气中的脏污的同时,不过度带走肌肤中的水分与油脂。
  • 奢华的质地轻柔包覆肌肤,不留下黏腻感,清洗后的肌肤柔滑舒适。
  • 调理肌肤,促进之后使用的护肤品的吸收。
  • 高雅清新的林登香氛,让每天的护理成为心灵得到满足的惬意时光
  • 在保持肌肤水润的同时,温和去除彩妆和皮脂等污垢。





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