UNLABEL Moist Botanical Micellar Cleansing Water 日本UNLABEL 植物高保湿卸妆水 500ml


UNLABEL Moist Botanical Micellar Cleansing Water

Remove makeup and cleanse the skin without washing!

Unlabel Micellar Cleansing Water effectively takes off heavy makeup and impurities while acting as a toner.  It’s thoughtfully made for easy use from its push pump and minimal packaging to formulation leaving out unnecessary ingredients.  

  • Micellar molecules encapsulate and lifts makeup for the gentlest cleanse.
  • Organic pearl barley, althea root extract and chamomile extract conditions and calms skin.
  • Fruit-derived AHA and artichoke extract cleanses pores, tightens and brightens skin.
  • PH balanced and safe for eyelash extension.
  • Free from: oil, additives, fragrance, dyes, mineral oil, paraben, alcohol, silicon, talc, and animal derived ingredients

suitable for all skin type.

How to Use

Push down cotton pad for about 3-4 times and press down on makeup to let it absorb for a few seconds and gently wipe. Repeat until cotton pads are free from makeup. No need to rinse.

Close cap after every use.

日本UNLABEL 植物高保湿卸妆水

  • 独特植物微囊净颜粒子,吸附并带走彩妆与毛孔脏污,高保湿力,卸妆同时温和锁水,无需水洗即可享受清爽水嫩肌
  • 五合一 卸妆+清洁+角质调理+毛孔细致+化妆水,一次完成
  • AHA果酸复合物~调理老废角质与粉刺代谢,细致毛孔
  • 9种无添加+弱酸性、敏感肌可适用~无香料、无色素、无酒精、无防腐剂、无油配方、无矽零、无矿物油、无滑石粉、无动物性成分
  • 8种植物萃取:3种高保湿+5种舒缓镇定 牛蒡、洋甘菊、鼠尾草、珍珠薏仁种子、黄芩根、柚子果、蓝莓、橘子皮




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